Season 39

Original Air Date:
November 10, 2010

Brought to you By:
Q and 6

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Half
When one whole thing is split into two pieces that are the same size. Each piece is called a "half."

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Episode Summary

It's number 6 day on Sesame Street: A day devoted to the number 6 and all its sixiness! There will be games and songs all about the number 6. Let the festivities begin!

First, Telly brings out the Number 6 Cheerleaders. But since there are only 5, Chris is chosen as the sixth cheerleader. The next event is the 6 Pig Tickle, but 7 pigs begin to tickle Elmo. Telly thinks that the Number 6 day is ruined. Chris tells Telly that since 7 is more than 6, they can just take 1 pig away and it will make 6. The Number 6 Games have been saved!

Next up: the Chicken Laying 6 Eggs event at Big Bird's nest. But the chicken was only able to lay 3 eggs. Fortunately, Big Bird has another chicken that lays another 3 eggs. The day is saved again: 3 eggs and 3 eggs are 6 eggs all together. Telly moves onto the Number 6 Day Finale. Pete from Peoria is going to sing the "6 Penguins in My Shirt" song. Pete has missed his flight, though, and the shirt and penguins showed up without him. Chris tells Telly he should sing the song himself. Telly does, and saves Number 6 Day!