Season 37

Original Air Date:
November 9, 2006

Brought to you By:
V and 16

Educational Goal:

Episode Summary

It's "National Try a New Food Day" on Sesame Street and Telly is the Monster On-The-Spot Reporter. His first report is about Baby Bear, who always has his porridge with brown sugar and honey, but today he is going to try it with some fresh fruit on top. He thinks it's delicious and wants to try his porridge with a new fruit everyday! Now, his friends all over Sesame Street are trying something new. Oscar tries a cherry on top of his chocolate ice cream with fish, saukraut, and marshmallows, Gordon tries sushi, Elmo and Zoe try asparagus, and Cookie Monster tries celery. The only one who hasn't tried something new, yet, is Telly. He is a little apprehensive because he always has his grilled cheese sandwich cut into triangles. But what if it was cut into squares instead? To his surprise squares are as yummy as triangles. Now everyone has tried something new today, even your On-The-Spot Reporter.