Murray Has a Little Lamb

Murray and his little lamb, Ovejita, just love making new friends and learning new skills. Murray Has a Little Lamb segments will inspire your child to try new things and keep on trying!

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So Many Schools, So Little Time

Mary had a little lamb. No, wait, not Mary—Murray! Lovable orange Murray has a little lamb that leads him to school, not the other way around. The segment begins with a rap-style version of the classic nursery rhyme: "He follows her to school each day, they run and spin and leap. Everybody loves to see a monster and his sheep!"

In each segment, Murray and his purple Spanish-speaking lamb, Ovejita, head off to a different school: Irish step-dancing school, karate school, ice skating school, gymnastics school, and more. But before they arrive, Ovejita gives Murray clues about their destination, and slowly Murray is able to deduce where they're going. At the school, Murray interviews kids and joins in the activities, asking lots of questions and making new friends.

The two pals model persistence and perseverance as they learn and master new skills, and kids are also exposed to Spanish vocabulary courtesy of Ovejita. After watching Murray Has a Little Lamb, ask your child if she might like to participate in the activity she saw in the segment. What looked fun? What looked challenging? What is her favorite activity in her own school or class? What new skill would she like to explore? You can seek out new activities that enrich your child's development, just like the schools in the segments.