Original Air Date:
October 10, 2013

Brought to you By:
P & 2

Educational Goal:
Self-Regulation; Literacy

Word on the street: Author
Someone who is a writer of things such as stories or books.

Episode Summary

Rosita is excited to read a new book she got about a little girl from Mexico. But after Chris begins reading the story, Rosita is disappointed to find out that it's just about siestas, sombreros, and burros. She wishes there were a book that told a better story about being Mexican.

Mando understands and encourages Rosita to write her very own story about what being Mexican means to her. While Rosita is trying to think of how to tell her story, her friends on Sesame Street come by and ask her to play with them. Abby and her friends dance the Folklórico, sing "Los Pollitos", and play Lucha Libre. Will Rosita's friends help her figure out what it means to be from Mexico? Tune in to find out!