Season 43

Original Air Date:
September 28, 2012

Brought to you By:
W and 2

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Patience
When you can wait for something in a calm way.

Episode Summary

Cookie Monster faces an identity crisis when reporter Mario Lopez videotapes him eating carrots and declares him a Veggie Monster on the television show, EXTRA Sesame Street! Determined to stop the rumors and save his reputation, Cookie goes off in search of his favorite food.

Unable to find cookies, however, he ends up eating more vegetables…and each time, he's caught on camera. With the evidence mounting, everyone, even Cookie's friends on Sesame Street, is starting to believe that he is the Veggie Monster.

In a heartfelt ballad, Cookie sings about how he likes veggies, but must remain true to himself. And when, finally, he gobbles up a batch of Chris's chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven, no one, not even Mario Lopez, can deny it: Cookie is what he is, a Cookie Monster.