Original Air Date:
February 27, 2014

Brought to you By:
K & 10

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Imagination
When you make believe something is anything you want it to be and that may be something you've never thought of before.

Episode Summary

Bert is quietly reading a book when Elmo and Ernie burst in wanting to make a movie. Who do they want to be the star of their movie? Bert, of course! He'll play a cowboy, a pirate, and an astronaut.

Bert is hesitant to play the roles because he insists he doesn't know how to pretend to play them. He doesn't know what they do. Ernie and Elmo encourage Bert to think it through using his imagination. They help Bert come up with three things a cowboy and a pirate would do. Bert plays the roles, and does a great job!

But when it comes time to play an astronaut, Bert doesn't want to. Without Bert as the astronaut, how will Elmo and Ernie's movie end? Tune in to find out!