Original Air Date:
November 11, 2011

Brought to you By:
R and 19

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Compare
To figure out if things are the same or different.

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Episode Summary

Detective Alfie Betts is on vacation at Sesame Street when Telly rushes in, all worked up. His robot and remote are missing. So are Leela's rake and roses. When the detective's raisin raspberry ravioli disappears, too, it's time to investigate.

Elmo and Abby volunteer to be detectives. They're on the case—the items that are missing all begin with R! Luckily, Telly got a glimpse of the thief. As he describes him, Detective Betts draws who Telly saw—the letter R.

The team gathers some letters and puts them in a line-up. R runs off in a panic! He's too fast to catch, so the detectives set out a heavy rock for him to take. It slows him down, and the letter R admits to his wrongs. He apologizes…and returns everything. Relief!