Season 43

Original Air Date:
November 15, 2012

Brought to you By:
M and 10

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Persistent
To keep trying and not give up.

Episode Summary

It's "Who Can Wear the Most Hats Day" on Sesame Street and Elmo and Zoe are going head to head. As Chris and Alan add more and more hats, the Hat Check Girl counts the total number on each of their heads.

It's a close contest—Elmo and Zoe keep ending up with the same number of hats and they're both able to complete challenges, such as saying the alphabet while standing on one leg, without losing any of them.

When the hats run out, Elmo and Zoe ask Abby to use her magic to make some more. With a wave of her wand, a tall tower of hats appears on each friend's head. The hats are counted by 5's and the result is in—it's a tie, with Elmo and Zoe wearing thirty hats a piece. Hats off to them!