Season 43

Original Air Date:
September 26, 2012

Brought to you By:
B and 17

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Remember
To keep things in your mind so you can think of them again.

Episode Summary

Although Hansel and Gretel are excited for their playdate with Big Bird, they're also a bit anxious. How will they find their way back to the subway station to meet their parents when they're done playing?

The two come up with an idea—they'll mark the path to Big Bird's nest with cookie crumbs. Alas, they arrive at the nest only to learn that Cookie Monster has eaten up their tasty trail. What will Hansel and Gretel do now? Make another trail, of course!

When the second trail, made of paper, blows away, Hansel and Gretel try again. This time they use fish, which seems like a good choice…until the Flying Halibut Fish Jugglers appear on the scene.

Finally, Big Bird helps his playmates learn that they don't need a trail to get back to the station at all; they just need their memories! It's a lesson they'll never forget.