Season 36

Original Air Date:
September 2, 2005

Brought to you By:
V and 16

Educational Goal:
Global Awareness

Episode Summary

Gina is so busy that she is in desperate need of an assistant. With just a wish, her Furry Godmother appears and grants her a veterinarian's assistant who happens to be Grover! Unfortunately, Gina doesn't seem to be able to help the hiccupping duck in her examining room because Grover keeps screaming, "Emergency!" Gina also finds it difficult to help the other animals because Grover mistakes a camel for a horse, a lamp for a living thing, and a cat for a tiger. Gina then teaches Grover about these animals and about living things so that he can better understand what a real veterinary emergency might be. In the end, Grover doesn't think that he is cut out to be Gina's assistant, but finds a new calling curing hiccupping ducks- by surprising them!