Original Air Date:
April 25, 2013

Brought to you By:
A and 20

Educational Goal:
S.T.E.M. + The Arts

Word on the street: Vibrate
To move back and forth very fast.

Episode Summary

One day, Abby overhears Bob conducting a class of kids playing different musical instruments. She is amazed by the sound of the music, and wants to play an instrument too! Bob offers to teach her, but she doesn't have anything to play. Just then, Salesman Grover shows up with a suitcase full of instruments!

First, Grover offers Abby a violin. Bob explains that the violin's sound come from the bow being pulled across the string to create vibrations. Abby likes the violin, but wants to see more instruments. Next, Grover pulls out a trombone. Bob explains that the trombone's sound comes from the vibration of your lips when you blow into it. Abby is fascinated, but isn't sure she wants to play violin or trombone.

Suddenly, she notices two timpani drums in the orchestra area. With Bob's help, she figures out that the top of the drums are what vibrate and give the drums they're sound. Abby decides the timpanis are for her! Abby joins the band, but Grover feels left out. What instrument can Grover use?