Original Air Date:
January 9, 2014

Brought to you By:
B & 2

Educational Goal:
Social/Emotional Development

Word on the street: Disappointed
A sad feeling you get when something doesn't turn out the way you wanted it to.

Episode Summary

Hooper's Store is throwing a Grandparents Celebration on Sesame Street! Elmo hasn't seen his grandparents in a long time, so he's excited that they'll be visiting for the celebration. But to Elmo's disappointment, he finds out that his grandparents are stuck at the airport and they're going to miss the party.

Chris and Alan tell Elmo that he'll still have fun, and encourage him to stay for the celebration. Elmo agrees and listens to Baby Bear's grandfather Grampy Bear tell stories, but Elmo still misses his grandparents. So Alan and Chris decide to pretend to be Elmo's grandparents to cheer Elmo up, but that doesn't work either.

Will Elmo be able to enjoy himself at the Grandparents Celebration even though his grandparents aren't there? Tune in to find out!