Original Air Date:
February 7, 2013

Brought to you By:
K and 10

Educational Goal:
S.T.E.M. + The Arts

Word on the street: Splatter
A splash of something on something else.

Episode Summary

Oscar decides to paint a painting that is so grouchy and horrible it will make everyone on Sesame Street mad. First, he tries painting messy brushstrokes on the canvas, but Alan admires its expressiveness. Next, he tries using squeeze bottles to splatter the paint, but Leela thinks it looks like a beautiful firework.

Finally, Oscar mixes different paints together to make a grouchy, brownish-green color. Then, he gets Fluffy the Elephant's help to blow on the paint and make an even bigger splatter. Oscar is sure this design will make everyone mad. But when his friends come by to look at the painting, they think it's an amazing work of art!

It seems like no matter what Oscar does, everyone on Sesame Street loves his painting. Oscar is frustrated. How can he convince Sesame Street that he's Vincent Van Gross? Isn't there anyone who will be mad about his painting?