Original Air Date:
February 8, 2013

Brought to you By:
F and 7

Educational Goal:
S.T.E.M. + The Arts

Word on the street: Amplify
To make something louder.

Episode Summary

Alan and Telly are very excited that their favorite singer, LMNOP, is headed to Sesame Street to play a concert. But when LMNOP arrives, he finds out that all his instruments and equipment are stuck in San Diego and he won't be able to play. LMNOP is about the cancel the concert when Alan and Telly insist that they'll come up with everything he needs to perform—anything but cancel the show!

Chris, Alan and Telly get to work, trying to figure out how to make LMNOP's equipment. First, they make a guitar out of a tissue box, rubber bands, a paper towel tube, and a pencil. Then, they figure out how to put vegetable crates together with tape to make a stage.

Now all LMNOP needs is a microphone and stage lights. Will Chris, Alan and Telly figure out how to make them in time for the big show?