Season 37

Original Air Date:
September 7, 2006

Brought to you By:
T and 2

Educational Goal:
Cognitive Reasoning

Episode Summary

Zoe is pretending to be a teacher and she is getting Rocco and all of her dolls ready for a field trip. Telly would really like his doll Freddy to go on the fieldtrip, too. Zoe says there isn't enough room on the bus so Freddy gets left behind. Telly knows that this has upset Freddy, so he promises that they will spend the whole day together. Telly, Baby Bear and Freddy decide to play a new game: "Fantastic Freddy"! They are pretending that Freddy is a superhero and he has to save the world from the Dastardly Dinosaur. Just then, Zoe returns from her field trip and sees Telly and Baby Bear playing. She asks if Rocco can play, too. Telly is shocked that Rocco would want to play with Freddy now, when he didn't make an effort to include Freddy before. Zoe apologizes and says that Rocco didn't realize that he was hurting Freddy's feelings. Telly isn't sure if he is ready to accept Rocco's apology, but Baby Bear explains that Rocco made a mistake just like we all do sometimes and that it would be fun to have Rocco play with them. Telly and Freddy agree and they all have a great time pretending to save the world.