Season 39

Original Air Date:
December 7, 2010

Brought to you By:
M and 10

Educational Goal:
Social Development

Word on the street: Stuck
When something is caught in one place and it is hard to move

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Episode Summary

Elmo needs help getting his airplane out of the tree! Just as Chris is about to get a ladder, Super Chicken and her sidekick Robin fly in to help, and Super Grover comes crashing in to save the day, too.

After some strategizing, Sidekick Robin flies up to the tree and rescues Elmo's airplane with ease. Super Grover is thinking that it must be easy to be a superhero when you have a cute little side-kick to help you…and Horatio the Elephant enters and asks Super Grover if he can be his cute little side-kick. He might not be little, but Super Grover agrees and they set off to help others in need.

But Horatio has the habit of running off in the wrong direction and getting stuck in doorways. While Super Grover and Chris are helping Horatio become unstuck, Elmo goes on to help Baby Bear find his missing stuffed animal and help his friends who got their basketball stuck in a basketball hoop. Finally, Horatio decides to return back to his old job at the ballet company and Super Grover is left without a side-kick. Even though Elmo has done a super job of helping everyone today, he'd rather just play with his airplane.