Season 38

Original Air Date:
September 12, 2007

Brought to you By:
X and 14

Educational Goal:
Emotional Development

Word on the street: Mail
Mail is letters, packages, and other things that are sent and delivered by the Post Office.

Episode Summary

Elmo is excited to play checkers with Gina, but they only get to play one turn because she has to go feed Marco. This leaves Elmo feeling jealous and upset. Why does Marco get so much attention while Elmo gets none? You must have to be a baby.

When Gina returns from feeding Marco, she finds Elmo sitting in Marco's stroller, pretending to be a baby himself! Gina plays along, but wishes Elmo could be himself again so they can play their game. She explains that she has enough love for both Marco and Elmo and she'll always make special time to be together.

While Marco still needs to be taken care of, Elmo can teach Marco lots of new things and when he's old enough, they can play together and be friends.