Season 39

Original Air Date:
December 15, 2010

Brought to you By:
E and 2

Educational Goal:
Cognitive Reasoning

Word on the street: Mustache
Hair that grows between a person's nose and lips.

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Episode Summary

Elmo wants to be just like Gordon, so he spends the day looking and acting just like him. First Elmo reads the paper just like Gordon, but he gets bored. So he does the Chicken Dance just like Gordon.

Afterwards, Big Bird asks Gordon to read him "Humpty Dumpty." Since Elmo wants to be just like Gordon, he wants to read the book to Big Bird. Elmo can't read yet, so instead, Elmo listens to Gordon read so one day he'll be able to read just like him. Gordon reads the story so well that Humpty Dumpty, the King's Horses, and the King's Men all come out dressed like Gordon because they want to be just like him, too!

Gordon didn't know it was so much fun being himself.