Season 36

Original Air Date:
September 28, 2005

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W and 0

Educational Goal:

Episode Summary

Donald Grump, the grouch with the most trash in the world, is looking for a new apprentice. Oscar, Grundgetta, and the other grouches can't wait to meet him because if they get chosen, they will get to keep some of Grump's trash. Elmo decides that he wants to be Grump's helper too, but just because he likes to help others. Grump puts them through counting and sorting tasks that Elmo does great at. Oscar and Grundgetta are too busy arguing and the other grouches have already been fired. Grump decides that even though Elmo succeeded at all the tasks, he is too good at being a helper to help a grouch. Elmo doesn't mind. He gets to leave with the one thing he wanted anyway- Grump's hairpiece. Grundgetta and Oscar are both hired, but they decide that Grump's trash isn't worth it if they have to help him to get it. He leaves Oscar and Grundgetta no choice but to tell him, "You're fired!"