Season 43

Original Air Date:
October 18, 2012

Brought to you By:
N and 6

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Tool
Something used to help do a specific task, such as a magnifying glass, a shovel, or a flashlight.

Episode Summary

As Leela rocks her niece, Nila, to sleep, Telly and Elmo bound in eager to help out. Leela tells them that all she really needs is quiet so the baby can nap. That gives her loud, but well-intentioned, friends an idea.

Telly and Elmo declare themselves the Noise Patrol. Using their ears as tools, they identify and track down several sources of noise in the neighborhood—some rowdy animals playing basketball, Grover breakdancing to a blasting boombox, and jack-hammering construction workers. In each case, Telly and Elmo are able to silence the racket. But just when things are finally quieting down, Nila wakes up!

Leela explains that the right kinds of calming sounds are good for resting and starts to sing a lullaby. By the end of her song, the baby—and the Noise Patrol—have drifted off to dreamland.