Season 38

Original Air Date:
August 21, 2007

Brought to you By:
E and 6

Educational Goal:
The Arts

Word on the street: Ballet
Ballet is a form of dance that uses graceful movements. The dancers wear special shoes that allow them to stand on their toes.

Episode Summary

Zoe and Abby are having a dancing playdate. Abby tries Zoe's tutu on and Zoe gives Abby's wand a try. As Zoe waves Abby's wand, she says, "If I were a fairy godmother and had a wand like this . . . I'd say, ‘I wish that everyone today . . . Would wear a tutu and dance ballet!!" Without Zoe and Abby realizing it, Zoe's wish comes true!

First a penguin wearing a tutu appears and then the mailman. Eventually everyone on Sesame Street is wearing a tutu and dancing ballet! Chaos ensues because everyone has work to do, but they can't get it done while they're dancing! Zoe realizes that she has turn everything back to normal and Abby remembers just how to do it.

They need to think of a word that rhymes with "stop!" Chris dances by with a mop in a tutu, and it gives Zoe an idea. She waves the wand and says, "Chris is dancing with a mop . . . But now it's time for the dancing to stop!" Her rhyme successfully stops the spell, all the tutus disappear and everyone can get back to work!