Season 36

Original Air Date:
April 7, 2005

Brought to you By:
Q and 8

Educational Goal:

Episode Summary

Big Bird's granny is coming to Sesame Street, and with Alan's help, Big Bird bakes "The World's Greatest Birdseed Cookies" for her. Big Bird and Alan have gathered all the ingredients they need- birdseed, applesauce, bananas, porridge and cinnamon. Then, Baby Bear comes in wanting his porridge, but tries a healthy fruit salad instead of his usual since Big Bird and Alan need the last bit of porridge to make the cookies. As Alan and Big Bird continue to mix the ingredients, The Count comes in to help them count and figure out how many cookies they will be able to make with the dough. When the cookies are all done, Granny Bird arrives and is so grateful for the cookies that Alan and Big Bird had baked for her! They all enjoy eating the cookies together, except Alan who is on a birdseed-free diet.