Season 39

Original Air Date:
September 26, 2008

Brought to you By:
P and 5

Educational Goal:
Emotional Development

Word on the street: Glockenspiel
A musical instrument that looks like a xylophone but has metal bars. The bars make different sounds when hit with 2 mallets

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Episode Summary

Today on Sesame Street it's the Big Bird and Snuffy Talent Show! The only problem is that they don't know what a talent show is! Leela explains that it's a show where people do different things like singing and dancing or anything they like to do. They convince Leela to be part of their show and she juggles an apple and orange while singing the ABC's. Now they need to find another guest.

Cookie Monster walks while eating his cookie, but Big Bird and Snuffy don't think that's a talent. Cookie Monster begs to differ and gobbles down his cookie as the crowd applauds. Since there's no one else around, Leela returns by popular demand and tap dances next to, in front of, behind, around and with the laundry.

Since Leela has to get back to work, Big Bird and Snuffy are upset because they have no other talent. Just then, Leela sees Wolfgang playing the glockenspiel. Throughout all of this Big Bird and Snuffy have been chasing away Wolfgang, but a seal playing the glockenspiel is talent! They are proud to present Wolfgang the seal and his glockenspiel and exclaim that it is the greatest talent show ever!