Original Air Date:
February 21, 2013

Brought to you By:
O and 16

Educational Goal:
S.T.E.M. + The Arts

Word on the street: Innovation
Something new or different.

Episode Summary

Elmo is outside roller skating when he and Leela hear construction noises. They investigate and find the The Three Little Pigs building a brick house. The pigs explain that they're trying to build the strongest, prettiest, best house to win the "Best House of Year Contest." When the judge, Mr. Bill Ding, arrives to inspect the house, the Big Bad Wolf suddenly appears and blows the whole house down! He even blows away Elmo on his roller skates.

The Three Little Pigs try building the house again, this time out of something stronger than brick. They build a house out of rock and another one out of metal; but when the Big Bad Wolf arrives, he huffs and puffs and blows down both houses! The Big Bad Wolf has been working out, and his windpipes are stronger than ever.

The Three Little Pigs are about to give up when Leela suggests they try solving the problem with innovation. Rather than make the house stronger, maybe they could find a completely different way to keep it from blowing down. Will Elmo and Leela be able to help the Three Little Pigs come up with a new and different idea to win the "Best House of the Year" contest?