Season 42

Original Air Date:
October 12, 2010

Brought to you By:
P and 12

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Binoculars
A tool that helps you get a closer look at things that are far away.

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Episode Summary

Bert shows Elmo and Abby his pigeon "life checklist"—he's seen lots of different types of pigeons, but he's dying to finally see the Blue Bar Pigeon. Elmo and Abby want to help, so Leela reminds them to think about what they already know: a bird has feathers, a beak, and wings. As they use their binoculars to closely observe what's around, they spot many birds, but none have all the characteristics on the list.

They're about to get discouraged when they discover a bird that's the right size, has blue bars on its wings, and makes the "brrr brrr" bird call. They did it! Bert celebrates by checking the bird off his list and doing the pigeon dance.

Also in This Episode

Special Guest Stars: Julie Bowen and Elmo show what binoculars are, and Rocco Fiorentino sings "Everybody's Song." In Abby's Flying Fairy School, Abby and her pals have a puppet adventure, and in Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures, the pals coach Bernice the pigeon and Rubber Duckie in a Bird Game competition. Finally, Elmo's World is all about bells.