Bert and Ernie's
Great Adventure

The animated adventures of Bert and Ernie are all about curiosity, creativity, and communication. Let them open your child's mind to a world of endless possibility!

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Imagination, Adventure, and More

Buckle up and we'll fly away! This beloved duo is more dynamic than ever in a new clay-mation format. Each segment will take your child on adventures to faraway dreamlands powered by pure imagination. The journeys begin with Ernie's bed shaking and tapping, then suddenly—vroom!—the bed flies out the apartment window, taking Ernie and Bert on a magic fantasy ride. "We're adventurin'!" Ernie croons. "Every time the bed starts tappin', something special's gonna happen, my favorite kind of travelin'!"

Whether Bert and Ernie are deputy and sheriff in the wild west, or inventors in a science lab, the pals always use cooperation and communication to solve the problem at hand and get themselves back home (after all, there's no place like 123 Sesame Street). Bert's trusted pigeon, Bernice, and Ernie's beloved Rubber Duckie sometimes join the fun as the two adventurers encounter friends old and new on their travels.

After watching the segments with your child, discuss Bert and Ernie's special friendship. What did it mean to be a good friend in the story, and how did they work together to solve the problem? As issues arise in your everyday life, you might say "Let's work together like Bert and Ernie." Or you might pretend to be Ernie and say, "Gee, buddy Bert, what do you think we should do now?"