Season 37

Original Air Date:
September 13, 2006

Brought to you By:
U and 12

Educational Goal:
Cognitive Reasoning

Episode Summary

Miles is very busy at Hooper's store today. Everyone seems to want lemonade. Baby Bear has a brilliant idea which will help Miles- an Automatic Lemonade Pouring Machine. He quickly draws his invention. Now the plan is to build it. He explains how it is going to work and enlists Telly and Elmo's help. They all can't wait to cooperate together. They gather all the parts and build the machine, following the plans exactly. Now it is time to test it to see if it is going to work. Everything is running smoothly, until the very end when the lemonade doesn't pour. Baby Bear, Telly, and Elmo are very frustrated and upset. Squeaky the mouse encourages them to not give up and figure out what went wrong instead. Miles comes over to witness history in the making. He is very impressed and thankful that they built the Automatic Lemonade Pouring Machine to help him they finally get it to work! Baby Bear couldn't have made this happen without cooperation from all his friends.