Season 39

Original Air Date:
January 7, 2011

Brought to you By:
T and 18

Educational Goal:
Emotional Development

Word on the street: Toss
When you gently throw.

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Episode Summary

Telly's ready for the Triangle Lovers' Annual Triangle Toss, in which each player throws three triangles and tries to get them to land on a stick. Telly plays it every year and wins, all thanks to his lucky triangle vest. But this year, he discovers that his vest is too small!

Baby Bear and Leela help him squeeze into it, but just as Telly is about to throw his first triangle, the vest rips. The Grand High Triangle Lover suggests that Telly could take off his vest in order to toss his triangles, but Telly's just not sure he can toss a triangle without his lucky vest. Baby Bear and Gina convince Telly to not give up and give it a try.

Telly returns to the game but misses his first toss, so he takes Baby Bear's advice and imagines he's wearing his lucky vest. He gets his next two triangles on the stick and wins! And as everyone celebrates, Telly gives his repaired vest to a young Triangle Lover.