Abby's Flying
Fairy School

Problem-solving is always the lesson of the day at Abby's Flying Fairy School! In these segments, Abby and her classmates show that overcoming challenges and finding solutions doesn't require
magic—just logic, reasoning, and a little bit of cooperation!

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Reasoning, Problem-Solving, and a Flying School!

Grab a wand, it's time to twinkle think! It sounds magic, but it's actually as real-life as it gets. In Abby's Flying Fairy School, it means using logic and reason to think out loud and solve problems.

Twinkle thinking is also what the adorable young fairy-in-training Abby Cadabby does all day with her pals Gonnigan and Blogg and the class pet, Niblet—who is half gerbil and half unicorn—as they fly off on learning adventures.

Watching Abby's school adventures will help your child use clues about patterning, estimation, subtraction, and other basic concepts to solve the problem at hand—whether it's rescuing their teeny-tiny teacher Mrs. Sparklenose from inside a genie's bottle or quieting down the out-of-control sheep that Abby counted at naptime. Your child can twinkle think, too—by rhyming, reasoning, cooperating, and problem solving like Abby.

Watch with your child and ask her to offer solutions to the problem posed in the segment, encouraging her to predict what will happen next. As questions or problems arise in real life, ask open-ended questions like "What can we do to find out the answer?" "What is another solution to this problem?" or "What might happen if we…?" to bring sparkle to children's reasoning and logic skills.