Season 39

Original Air Date:
December 9, 2010

Brought to you By:
D and 13

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Brush
Something with a handle that has stiff hairs or bristles on it. A hairbrush is used to smooth and untangle hair. A toothbrush is small with a long handle and used to clean teeth. A paintbrush is used to paint pictures.

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Episode Summary

Abby goes to Big Bird's nest for her very first sleepover! She brings her wand, her pillow and her favorite book.

Abby's mommy always reads a book to her at bedtime, but at Big Bird's there isn't anyone to read to them, so Abby and Big Bird ask Luis and Maria, who are on their way to go dancing. Before Maria can read the story, though, there's a routine. Abby must brush her wings, sing the "Brush the Wings" song and get tucked into bed. After all of this, Maria picks "Hey, Diddle, Diddle" out of Abby's magical book and the story comes to life.

Luis and Maria finally say goodnight when it begins to rain, and Big Bird asks them to help get Abby to where it's dry. The only solution is for Maria and Luis to invite Big Bird and Abby to have the sleepover at their house. To thank Maria and Luis, Abby's mommy grants them a wish. They wish they could have gone dancing! Their wish is granted and the living room turns into a ballroom. Maria and Luis dance while Big Bird and Abby have the best sleepover ever.