Original Air Date:
February 5, 2013

Brought to you By:
E and 4

Educational Goal:

Word on the street: Disguise
When you change the way something looks to make it hard to tell what it actually is.

Episode Summary

Chris is reading Abby a story about a princess who kisses a frog and turns him into a prince. Now Abby thinks someone on Sesame Street is an enchanted prince. She comes to the conclusion that it must be Oscar because he's green like a frog and extremely grouchy.

Abby sets out to kiss Oscar because she is convinced that it will break the spell. Oscar tells her repeatedly that he is not a prince, but Abby is not convinced. Oscar ends up asking Chris to give him a disguise so Abby won't recognize him, but that doesn't work either.

Chris decides that the best thing for Oscar to do is to just let Abby kiss him to prove that he is, in fact, not prince. Will Oscar let Abby kiss him to find out if he is a prince or not?