Season 38

Original Air Date:
October 8, 2007

Brought to you By:
Z and 10

Educational Goal:
Cognitive Reasoning

Word on the street: Pretend
To pretend is to imagine or make believe you are something, somewhere, or someone you are not.

Episode Summary

Abby shows Elmo her frog named Prince. Elmo doesn't understand how a frog could be a Prince, until Abby explains he was a prince that got turned into a frog. Elmo thinks Abby's trick is so cool that he asks Abby to kiss his cheek to see if he will turn into a frog. Although Elmo doesn't turn into a real frog, he pretends to be one. Abby doesn't understand how Elmo can be red, have fur, and still be a frog so Elmo teaches her what it means to make believe.

Abby is enchanted by this idea and wants to be a chicken. Elmo helps her peck, "bawk" and pretend she has wings and feathers! A chicken joins them and they pretend to be cows, until a real cow suggests they all pretend to be cars. Then when Gordon comes by, they all pretend to be him! Elmo and Abby learn that they can pretend to be anything. All they need is their imagination!