Season 37

Original Air Date:
November 7, 2006

Brought to you By:
D and 11

Educational Goal:
Social Development

Episode Summary

Gina is coming home to Sesame Street today with her newly adopted baby Marco and everyone can't wait for them to arrive! They have all been busy gathering blankets and diapers, making mobiles, and putting together the crib. Everyone was actually so busy that they didn't even realize that Gina and Marco had finally arrived. They all want to continue helping, but what Gina and the baby really need is some rest. This doesn't stop Elmo and Big Bird from wanting to teach the baby the alphabet or stop Telly from giving the baby a triangle lovers test. Finally, all of the helpers leave and Gina has some time alone with her baby. She is extremely happy to be a mommy now and to take care of her new family. Everyone returns and Gina realizes that she is going to need all the help that she can get. She is very grateful that everyone cares so much!