Loretta Long


Loretta's Biography

Susan has lived on Sesame Street since the very beginning.

She cared for Big Bird in the early days, comforting, explaining ideas, making sure he ate his birdseed, and reassuring him when he was worried. And for nearly 40 years, she has been a maternal presence for viewers, too.

Loretta Long is one of three Sesame Street cast members who have been on the show since the very beginning. She grew up on a farm in Michigan, and was a teacher before she began her acting career. In fact, she continued to substitute teach during Sesame Street's early days. Her students in New York City would see her on television in the morning and would then come to school and see her there. This occasionally caused some confusion!

In 1973, Long earned her doctorate in education from the University of Massachusetts. She is a consultant and speaker on media, multiculturalism, and education.