Carmen Osbahr


Carmen's Biography

Carmen Osbahr is the woman behind Rosita, a bilingual Muppet who hails from Mexico and plays the guitar.

Osbahr also performs several other Sesame Street characters. She is bilingual herself, and enjoys sharing elements of her culture through Rosita.

"There are so many bilingual children, and I hope that they can see Rosita and feel good about themselves, who they are, their heritage, and language the way Rosita does," she says.

Osbahr was a member of the Plaza Sésamo cast before Jim Henson asked her to join Sesame Street in 1988. In 2007, she told New York Times reporter Peter Gerstenzang about this experience. "When I first met [Henson], I was shy and my English was not very good. But he said to me in his voice — which was exactly like Kermit the Frog's — ‘Carmen, would you like to be part of my family?' How could anyone resist that?"

In 1989, she officially became a Jim Henson Muppet performer, working for Sesame Street, City Kids, Dog City, Aliens in the Family, and Bear in the Big Blue House. Osbahr has worked on various television shows for the Mexican network Televisa, including The Treasure of Knowledge and The Songs of Cri-Cri, a television special starring opera legend Placido Domingo. Her other credits include Kiki in The Puzzle Place, The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, and Johnny and the Sprites.