Bryant Young


Bryant's Biography

It takes two people to bring lovable, woolly Snuffy to life: Martin P. Robinson and Bryant Young.

The two work closely together, with Robinson playing the front end and Young playing the back. Several performers have taken on the role of Snuffy's back end, but Young has the longest stretch with the role, having played it since 1979.

Young has also played human characters many times on the show. He performed the role of Barkley, and has also worked as a choreographer for the show and for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

A talented dancer and choreographer, Young choreographs Snuffy's dance moves when the script calls for them. While performing as Snuffy's back end, Young is bent over inside the costume so he can control the large animal's two back legs. Now that takes coordination!

Young received an Emmy nomination for his role in a Dance in America series with the New York City Ballet. In the mid-1980s, he represented the United States in an International Ballet Festival in Seoul, Korea.