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Plays: 702

Look for the Slime

Mucko Polo, Grouch Explorer sings about using his senses to discover grouchy things.
1:3 Runtime
Plays: 241

Fuzzy and Blue

Grover, Herry and Cookie in a vaudeville act.
2:33 Runtime
Plays: 25

Wild Animals at the Zoo

All types of wild animals
1:46 Runtime
Plays: 363

Journey to Ernie: Farm

Big Bird looks for Ernie at a farm.
4:52 Runtime
Plays: 46


Zoe tells Baby Bear the word of the day.
0:53 Runtime
2:45 Runtime
Plays: 62

We Worked It Out!

Big Bird and Snuffy learn to compromise.
2:25 Runtime
Plays: 14

Elmo's World: Riding a Horse

Everyone can ride horses.
2:4 Runtime
Plays: 233

Banana Talk

Ernie talks on a banana.
2:1 Runtime
2:15 Runtime
Plays: 896

Song: Little Butterfly Friend

Elmo sings about his butterfly friend.
1:45 Runtime
Go on a walk with your child and look for butterflies and other insects like ants, flies, or ladybugs. Notice the differences between different types of bugs! Try drawing a picture of one of them.
Plays: 13

Pet at the Vet

A song about taking your pet to the vet
1:45 Runtime