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Plays: 1159

Adam Sandler: Song About Elmo

Adam Sandler sings a song about Elmo.
2:54 Runtime
Plays: 304

On the Go

6:13 Runtime
Plays: 15

Elmo's World: Riding a Horse

Everyone can ride horses.
2:4 Runtime
1:40 Runtime
Plays: 1735

Don't Give Up

Bruno Mars sings about not giving up!
1:57 Runtime
Give your child a superhero name and let him know he has the power to keep trying. The next time he gets upset about a mistake, say, "This sounds like a job for [insert his superhero name]!"
Plays: 60

Elmo's World: Kids Talk Animal

Kids talk about wild animals.
0:27 Runtime
Plays: 359

Bird Family Song

A bird talks about his two homes.
2:30 Runtime
Plays: 35

Job Song

1:39 Runtime
Plays: 21

Staten Island Ferry

Two brothers ride the ferry together.
2:49 Runtime
Plays: 2100

Ed Sheeran: I Live in Two Different Worlds

Ed Sheeran sings about behavior at home and in school.
2:37 Runtime
Plays: 166

The Cookie Game

Prairie and Cookie Monster play a game.
4:31 Runtime
Plays: 532

Journey to Ernie: Beach

Big Bird searches for Ernie on the beach.
4:20 Runtime