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Plays: 25

Hero Guy: Big Hand

Baby Bear draws Hero Guy with a big hand.
3:37 Runtime
2:45 Runtime
Plays: 783

Look for the Slime

Mucko Polo, Grouch Explorer sings about using his senses to discover grouchy things.
1:3 Runtime
Plays: 504

Whoopi's Skin and Elmo's Fur

Whoopi Goldberg and Elmo compare skin and fur.
2:45 Runtime
Plays: 27

Monster Clubhouse: Mail

The monster clubhouse meets and plays games.
4:48 Runtime
Plays: 452

Preschool Musical

Kids sing about things at their preschool.
3:13 Runtime
Plays: 225

Super Grover's Boxes

Super Grover helps a girl move heavy boxes.
3:57 Runtime
Plays: 723

Change the Plan

Ernie and friends sing about remaining flexible.
1:10 Runtime