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Young children learn what it means to be healthy, which includes practicing good hygiene, eating nutritious foods, being active, and getting enough rest. Children start to understand and appreciate what their bodies can do and what they need to grow strong.

Plays: 95

Hey Food

Cookie Monster sings with the band.
2:14 Runtime
Plays: 10

Practicing Basketball

A girl's friend helps her practice basketball.
1:52 Runtime
Plays: 1183

Song: Brushy Brush

Elmo sings about brushing your teeth.
1:30 Runtime
0:30 Runtime
Plays: 415

Wake Up

Ernie sings to Bert to wake up his whole body.
2:26 Runtime
Plays: 18

Murray and Victoria: Bananas

Murray asks Victoria about her favorite fruit.
0:26 Runtime
2:26 Runtime
Plays: 190

Try It! New Foods s

0:31 Runtime
Plays: 93

Michelle Obama: Healthy Habits

Michelle Obama and Elmo share healthy tips.
0:53 Runtime
Plays: 94

Grover's Workout Video

Exercise and stay healthy with Grover and friends!
2:33 Runtime
Plays: 13

Telly's Lunch

Telly sings about making a sandwich.
1:20 Runtime