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Hello Season 42!

Number of the Day: 42!
In 1969, an experimental show launched on public television touting the notion that if preschoolers can learn commercial lyrics like “pop pop, fizz fizz…” (Remember that one, older parents?), they can learn their letters and numbers the same way. While they were at it, the creators figured why not attempt to break other stereotypes, and placed the show on an urban street with a multi-racial cast of people and monsters. They hoped for a few groundbreaking seasons at best.
Beam us 42 years later and another season of Sesame Street begins airing today. We’re still on public television and still teaching letters and numbers with funny lyrics, catchy tunes, and a multitude of Muppets. This season was an especially challenging one since the guiding curriculum goal was STEM—science, technology, engineering, and math. These are not topics that make you want to bust a gut. Still, we think you’ll be laughing as the Muppets try to keep Humpty Dumpty from breaking when he falls off the wall, or as a human cannonball (puppet, of course!) shoots himself across Sesame Street. STEM is also the educational goal in our new format, Super Grover 2.0, where our fuzzy and blue super hero attempts to unleash his powers, usually unsuccessfully, to help others.
Sesame Family Robinson has its own tribute for the launch of Season 42. One day this spring, we had the gift of the entire studio being empty while the rest of production was in the smaller studio. In honor of all those dreamers 42 years ago, here are Lyra and Ripley exploring how to get to Sesame Street.

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Like your family we have twins, boy/girl, that turned three last month. I saw your blog entry for January and it looks like we have something in common, potty training twins. Like one of your girls, my son WILL NOT pee in the potty but his sister was doing well until she caught on to "Bubbie" not trying. I was just letting things run their course but our local pre-schools/mommy day out programs require the children to be potty trained and this mommy needs a day out. Bribery isn't working. Have you had any success?


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How often is the telly puppet renewed or replaced?

Katherine Sydney, Australia

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I read in 40 Years of Life on the Street about an incident involving Snuffy's puppet where a sombrero caused the wood frame to collapse on you and Bryant Young. Did they rebuild the puppet after that or did they just make a new one?


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I just wanted to say thanks for the blog. My daughter Kylie (who just turned two yesterday) loves to ask if we are going to see "the babies." Thank you so much to you and Marty for bringing the joy of Sesame Street into our lives every day.

Kendal and Kylie Montreal, Canada

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I've noticed that there are fewer Muppets and people in an episode now than there were twenty years ago. Does everyone show up on the set for filming days or only certain ones? Who decides who gets to play the Anything Muppets? There are some voices I hear more than others.


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