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  • Healthy

    Elmo and a friend talk about ways to take care of their bodies. Share one way you keep your body healthy.

  • Great Sink Moments

    Sasha remembers to lather, rinse, and dry her hands in the right order. What do you do first, next, and last when you wash your hands?

  • Cooking With Cookie

    Use recipes to make healthy foods you can eat everyday, and “sometimes foods,” like cookies!

  • I Eat the Colors of the Rainbow

    Eating colorful vegetables and fruits gives your body lots of nutrients. What colorful fruits and vegetables do you like to eat?

  • Get on Up and Move Your Body

    Keep your body strong by moving to the song! How do you like to move?

  • Song: Open Sesame

    Dentists and other grownups help you keep your teeth clean. How else do grownups help you stay healthy?

  • Resting is Just Right

    Baby Bear wants the perfect pillow to help him rest. What helps you get a good rest?

Guess the Healthy Habit

Play the guessing game to help remember your healthy habits – and have fun acting them out!
Take turns talking about things you do to stay healthy everyday. Then, act out one habit. Can the other person guess what it is?


Talk together about a few of the healthy things you do each day, such as brushing your teeth, eating a healthy breakfast, and getting a good night’s rest. What are the steps involved in each healthy habit?


Start playing! Take turns acting out the steps of one healthy habit you talked about. Can the other person guess the habit?

Remembering Time

During the game and during your healthy routines, saying the steps to yourself as you do them is a great way to help you remember them.

Share at School

You remembered your healthy habit! Now, draw a picture of one habit and bring it to school to share with your teacher. Don’t forget to sign your name to your work!


Preschoolers are learning that all emotions are okay, but some actions aren’t. Helping them learn to recognize and name a wide range of feelings is an important step toward managing the behavior that comes with some of those feelings.
Here’s a peek at the learning inside Sometimes I Feel…

Naming Feelings

From joy and excitement to sadness and anger, feelings big and small are important. Name those feelings!
• Share your feelings (e.g., I feel happy when we dance). 
• Notice each others’ feelings (e.g., I see that you feel frustrated). 
• Make a face and ask your child to name the related feeling.

Managing Feelings

Managing feelings is a challenge for all age groups! Support your child by helping her name her feelings and use strategies for calming down.
• Practice belly breathing, making your belly go in and out with three big breaths.
• Count numbers or objects until the big feeling gets smaller.
• Sing a familiar song to take your mind off the big feeling. 

Videos & Games

Elmo, Grover, Dave Matthews, and other Sesame friends invite you to explore your feelings. Use the media collection to spark conversations and learning about emotions.
Different Faces – Identifying emotional responses
Belly Breathe – Managing the “monster” feelings inside you 
Elmo is Sad – Cheering up friends
Jealous – Wanting what others have

The Big Feelings Song

This singing activity reinforces school learning at home:
• Identifying and naming your emotions
• Practicing strategies for managing feelings 
• Expanding expressive vocabulary
Use drawing to share your singing experience! Show your child’s favorite-feeling drawing to her teacher to connect the learning back to school.

Visit for more games, videos, activities, and tips on eating healthy foods.

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Sesame Family is brought to you by Sesame Workshop to help you stay connected to your child's learning at school. In partnership Teaching Strategies, LLC, Sesame Family links you to your child's teacher. This all-in-one mobile experience helps you and your child explore teacher-selected preschool topics through media, hands-on activities, and parent supports.

How do I get to Sesame Family? +

Through her classroom newsletter, your child's teacher invites you to a 'virtual backpack' of family resources waiting for you online. Simply follow the link or copy and paste the site's address into a web browser to access Sesame Family for your child's classroom. Your teacher's name at the top of the Backpack welcomes you to a world of shared learning directly from your child's teacher to you.

What's inside Sesame Family? +

As a family, explore the same topics and skills that your child is exploring at school. In every teacher-selected bundle, you'll find: • MEDIA: Explore the carefully-selected Sesame videos and games with your child. Use the conversation starters to spark a discussion about the topic and skills. • HANDS-ON: Play and learn together with a simple hands-on activity. Don't forget to send it back to school to celebrate and share with your teacher! • PARENT GUIDE: Get tips and ideas for supporting school readiness in your everyday routines.

Will the media and activities change? +

Sesame Family is a dynamic site with content that updates throughout the year. Your child's teacher will select topics related to the learning covered at school. Visit the site regularly to enjoy new content and ideas for fun family learning.

When should we use Sesame Family? +

The Sesame Family experience is designed to fit your family's busy schedule. The goal of the site is to support shared learning whenever you can, wherever you are. Any time you find a few moments, whether it's waiting at the doctor's office or quiet moments before bed, you can explore Sesame Family together. We suggest spending 15 minutes per week with the videos and games, and 15 minutes for hands-on learning. Ready for more ideas? Follow the link to

Can my child play independently, or do I need to be there? +

The main goal of Sesame Family is to support shared learning experiences between you and your child, but that doesn't mean your child can't have fun on his own! Take time to visit the site together and use our conversation sparks to help talk about school learning. Afterwards, if your child is interested, he can reinforce the learning by replaying the videos and games independently.

What is there for parents at Sesame Family? +

Sesame Family is as much for parents and the other caring adults in a child's life as it is for your child. Parents and caregivers can: • Learn about the topics and skills your child is exploring at school • Explore media and hands on activities to promote shared learning at home and on the go • Receive tips and strategies on helping your child learn and grow • Be a more active partner with the teacher in your child's development • Feel a stronger connection to your child's classroom community

Can I share my child's Sesame Family with other family members (grandparents, aunts/uncles, older siblings, babysitter, child care provider)? +

There may be several important adults in your child's life who support her learning. We encourage you to share your Sesame Family link with other family members to explore together with your child.

Can I access Sesame Family on a smart phone, tablet, or other mobile device? What are the technical requirements? +

Sesame Family is designed for play wherever you are – on a desktop computer or any mobile device (iOS or Android). All you need is an Internet connection to unpack the learning. We support the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8-11, Chrome 34, Firefox 30 and Safari 5+ on desktops. iOS 6.0+ on Safari, Android 4.0+ Android Browser and Android 4.0+ Chrome Browser on tablets and mobile devices.

Why do I see different games when I visit this site on different devices? +

Different devices support different technologies, so some games only play on certain devices. If you play a game on your desktop computer and later access the site through your tablet, you may not find that same game because the tablet doesn't support it.

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